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Module One – Identity and Difference

Activites Products
PART1 of writing:

Just one competition at school:
  • Creative essay writing
    (Identity and Difference)
'Who am I and why are you so different'

Essays / book(let)
Act I: 'Identity and difference'
  • writing a scene -> in native language/
  • Time: max. 10 minutes per scene
  • mother tongue -> body language
  • incl. stage directions
  • acting it out -> filming it
  • option: story teller
Film / Video
Exhibition 'Suitcases' - two themes:
  • Identity presentation of self image -> one's school and school system / educational system
  • Dofferemce/cliché/prejudice presentation of alleged public image -> How are we seen by others
Photos / Film / Scripts / Letters / Music / Food etc.
Activites Products
Competition between Comenius schools
  • presentation of winners' essays
  • grading by common jury -> winner
  • (3rd day of meeting)
Common booklet
Act I: 'Identifiy and difference'
  • wirting a common scene in mixed groups (in English)
  • acting them out; all scenes -> Act I
  • (2nd day of meeting)
Exhibition 'Suitcases' (suitcase separated into two compartments: identity and difference, see above); presentation of schools
  • starting a circulating exhibition (1st day of meeting)
In: Wycliffe, UK
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