Landesgymnasium für Hochbegabte Schwäbisch Gmünd

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Module Two – Adolescence

Activites Products
School hymn or song about one's school
  • composing and recording
Notes, recording
Songtexts, Lyrics +
Improvisation / a piece of music:
Topic: 'Adolescence

Film / Video
Act II: 'Adolescence'
  • writing a scene / stage directions -> in English
  • acting it out -> filming it
Film / Video
Activites Products
Presentation of school anthem or songs

A common piece of music: 'Adolescence'
  • composition in mixed groups
  • rehearsal
  • performing it (basis for future musical?)
Act II: 'Adolescence'
  • wirting a common scene in mixed groups
  • acting it out
  • all scenes -> Act II
OPTION: scene + music

Circulating exhibition 'Suitcases'

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