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Frozen in Boston

A slightly sarcastic account of the 2019 LGH Boston trip by Melissa Dockendorf

Back to the rest of us who, after a night of more or less qualitative sleep, have returned to Stuttgart airport. This time, everything goes more smoothly, we suffered a minor setback when Ms. Cyron was told she had been supposed to be on the 6 am flight and not the one we were attempting to catch, but nothing could shake us after yesterday's terrors. By the time we landed in Paris, all of us had accumulated a somewhat collective loathing of french airlines, but with the Boston skyline beckoning from the horizon, we let go of our hatred and concentrated on in-flight entertainment and surprisingly decent airplane food. Around 2am Home and 8pm New Yorker time , we had settled into the Boston Sheraton, a hotel that offered us amazing views over the town, a top-of-the-art gym, saltwater pool and immediate connection to two big malls, and therefore everything one could need from clothes to food to miscellaneous souvenirs. And all that without ever stepping outside. You see the thing with America is that there is a significantly larger amount of people in cities than in Germany, the density of population skyrockets almost as much as the towering Boston skyscrapers nestled between old brick buildings older than the American nation. And out of this population, no one seems to like going outside. If one can drive, one drives, even if it would be a two minute walk. And if one comes into the frustrating dilemma of having to walk, a good American, much like a vampire, shields itself from outside influences, maybe not from the sun, but definitely from the outside. And as a result, every mall is connected with glassy tunneled bridges, and you can run every errand, see every corner of Boston without ever setting foot into the cold and cruel, confusingly in Fahrenheit displayed temperatures of 35 degrees (meaning it's supposedly 2°C but feels like -50°C). Since we were there as tourists, however, we left the comfort of the mall at least once each day, taking a look at Harvard and MIT, walking the freedom trail and basking in the nightly skyline. Furthermore, each day brought culinary highlights, we can proudly say that although they were challenged at first, our stomachs soon grew accustomed to "one portion" being an amount of food that back in Germany would feed a small family. From bagels to donuts, hotdogs to candy,fries and frappuccinos, we made sure to taste all that Boston had to offer, and took what we liked best home with us ( Reeses, Nutter-Butters and Nerds can only be recommended). Aside from all this tourism shmuck, we were also in Boston to take part in a simulation of the United Nations. The 12 delegates of Slovakia are proud to say that, together with 2988 other delegates, they worked on topics of international relevance, ranging from migrant and marine smuggling to subjects of economic and financial relevance, legal issues and border control to the meaning of women's rights in the free world and the justness of the western claim of superior ideals. In various committees that ranged from regional bodies to specialised agencies and even a NGO, the delegated worked on draft resolutions and created clause after clause, doing their best to live up to HMUN’s motto of “leadership in action” as they caught a tiny glimpse of what they could do, what they could achieve if only they realised their own influence, responsibility and ability to bring change into a world that so desperately needs it. In the words of the secretary general, model UN has often brought better resolutions than the actual UN, and each delegate can be proud of their contribution. As such, we can be happy to say we were a part of HMUN 2019, and we will all treasure the memories we made, from conferences to exploring Boston to getting soaked in strangers' sweat at the delegates dance, the past week is sure to stay a vivid memory forever. And we will make sure to hold all of it dear. Well, not all. All except for the French, who made us wait another hour on our way back because Mon Dieu! Je sees un snowflake! * Melissa Dockendorf, 30.1.2019 *The author would like to add that she has never taken french and her butchering of the language is merely a stilisticly sarcastic device and not an attempt to devalidate the efforts of those who do actually know what they're doing.


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